Pigs Power

The Pig

mid-size and weight, wide, deep, quite long and deeply set


not big, pricked


rather short without highlighted throat


wide with well sprung ribs


relatively long, well coupled with loins
Despite stereotypical and harmful opinions about the Pig, she is:




with the positive attitude

towards the world and fellowmen
No matter how you paint the Pig, she will stay the Figure (or the small Figurine) with a stable, tilting-safe position, resilient to external shocks and to changes in the environment. The Pig blends in perfectly with the surroundings and circumstances whether it is the office of the President, Grandma’s cottage in the forest or stylish apartment in modern big-city architecture.
Despite the fact that the Pig is, in fact, fragile (inexorable fragility of matter), she has high self-esteem and the sense of uniqueness. Nothing is able to vanish the huge sense of self-satisfaction from her face.
Pig’s dream is to live in every Polish house.
All models presented on this website and offered for sale are our idea. We can change them at the request of the client. Pictures presented on the gallery correspond to the products which are currently in production.
Please also note that presented models are the registered and protected industrial designs within the European Union, to which FRAN-MAR S.C. in Cracow owns mining rights.